Building Fundraising Brilliance​​

About Alveo
We are the UK's only fundraising operations consultancy, dedicated to building fundraising  brilliance.

We work with clients who want to make  a real difference to their fundraising, membership and volunteering.  ​ We review and refine the moving parts ​of an operation, including strategy, management, planning and performance; systems and information; culture and talent; prospect research and fundraising intelligence; change and project management; gift accounting and lots more in-between.

We focus on improving capability and delivering sustainable solutions. 

We leave our clients stronger.
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Our approach
We coach you through it
Are you looking to develop yourself or your team to be outstanding professionals? We offer coaching and mentoring across all areas of our expertise.

We do it with you
Do you need extra support or guidance during a project? We can work with you and your team to deliver tangible and enduring results while passing on our expertise.

We do it for you
Do you have a specific problem you need resolving? Do you need an audit or complete review? We can deliver ​a solution for you.

What's with the bee?
Alveo comes from the Latin for hive.  While seemingly a chaotic swarm of activity, a bee-hive is a well-organised community and workforce engaged in ​a common aim.

At Alveo Consulting we partner with charitable and education organisations to transform their swarm of activity into well-organised, productive efforts that result in success for staff, stakeholders and the communities they serve.
With over 40 years’ experience delivering results in the non-profit sector, we know what excellence looks like.  Whatever the size and shape ​of your hive we can help you  build brilliant fundraising.