Building Fundraising Brilliance

Our Expertise
Building better fundraising, membership and volunteer operations for the non-profit sector. 

​​Alveo Consulting is trusted by global charity, education and arts brands to deliver energy, ideas and new perspectives from all sectors to expand your horizons and reach new levels of success. 

We’re strategic and collaborative, helping clients create A* teams, processes, insight and planning that power better fundraising.

Strategy and Planning

We work with you to make sure the time and effort that goes into your development services and fundraising planning gets you brilliant results.
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Fundraising Operations

Brilliant fundraising relies on operational functions, process, detail and management. That’s what we’re here to transform.
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Culture and Change

Whatever your size, a motivated and aligned team is the only way to deliver success. Our expertise in culture and change management brings people together, ready to do more.
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Partnering with internal teams or external organisations increases your fundraising power. We help clients build stronger relationship where everyone wins.
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