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Strategic Planning
Every development office will have a strategy of some description. Is yours actively assisting your success, or sitting on a shelf, the visual culmination of six months of work, now left to gather dust until its annual review?

At Alveo Consulting we believe if a strategy is not helping you move forward and strive for improvement, then it is not strategy at all. We work with clients to ensure the time and effort spent in developing a strategy is time well spent, and will have direct and measurable outcomes to help you evaluate performance.

We can also help you base your strategic decisions, future actions and financial distribution on meaningful, data driven evidence. With extensive experience of data maximisation, visualisation, insight and analytics, can help you make informed decisions and set your strategy based on a solid base of fact.

Whether you are looking to develop a full five-year growth strategy, a specific campaign approach or a strategy for your staff talent management, we have the insight and experience to make a difference.
Examples of projects we undertake:
  • Campaign planning and management support
  • Establishing talent management programmes to help foster and grow internal success
  • Implementation planning for existing strategies, and developing annual planning processes
  • Data-driven target setting programmes
  • Installing office wide data visualisation

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