John Donne’s 1624 quote that no man is an island still stands true today and the same can be applied to development offices. Partnering across your organisation, working with the support functions (IT, HR, Finance, Communications, Student Services) and with those delivering the  service whether those are academics, health care professionals, researchers or operational staff is critical to being able to meet your fundraising goals.

Many fundraising organisations now also choose to work in partnership with others to work towards a common goal. Universities often want to work closely with the charities of their associated hospitals for example, and we have experience of identifying, setting up and developing strategic partnerships. 

From relationship building to governance, partnerships can be difficult to establish. Done well, partnering with others will transform your philanthropic impact. Alveo Consulting can help you navigate what can be a tricky process and increase your chances of establishing a beautiful friendship that lasts.
Examples of projects we undertake:
  • Developing a partnerships strategy and identifying potential partners
  • Support the end to end development of external philanthropic partnerships
  • Auditing and re-structuring existing partnerships
  • Tactics to build relationships with key departments and individuals across your organsiation

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