Within every development office is a host of administrative and operational tasks that need to be performed. Whether performed by one person or a whole team, the tasks are varied, often detail focussed and process heavy.

At Alveo Consulting we have over 30 years combined experience of working in this operational arena and we can help your organisation get the most out of these tasks, ensuring operational efficiency through utilising latest technology, best practice and navigating the legal elements of the process.

With organisations often entrenched in years of established processes, we offer process reviews and reengineering advice to sympathetically support your operational and administrative staff to develop improved methods of working. We can also work with individual staff to support the adoption of new IT systems and institutional or legislative policies.
Examples of projects we undertake:
  • Operations audit and recommendations
  • Database reviews a​nd improvement plans
  • Planning for a new database or system project
  • Post implementation reviews
  • Process reviews and operational efficiency assessments
  • ​Team effectiveness reviews for prospect research, gift administration, stewardship and database functions
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Recent Projects
Queen Mary University of London
Royal Academy of Music
University of the Arts London
University College London
Strategic Planning
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