Culture and Change
Finding a team of 2, or 200, who all operate in the same fashion and understand every aspect of every role, process and skill is an impossible task – and one we shouldn’t strive for. People have unique skill sets that should be nurtured and appreciated. It is the effective communication between teams, functions and individuals that will make your office a success. Recruiting and retaining a high performing team can be one of the biggest challenges.

We have experience of developing talent management programmes that cover employer profile and branding, attracting candidates, recruitment, induction and development. This doesn't have to be big-scale change or even in a big team, sometimes a few small tweaks can make all the difference.

We specialise in the management of change. Change is inevitable in every fundraising office; the sector is constantly striving to improve and your causes develop and grow as the world around us moves forward. Managing this change, and the culture you create within your team is essential to maintaining and developing a well-motivated, efficient and strategically aligned workforce.
Examples of projects we undertake:
  • Advising on organisational restructures and growth
  • Change management 
  • Inspiring a new development culture
  • Performance management structures
  • Tactics for changing the perception of philanthropy right across your organsiation
  • Coaching and mentoring

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